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Essential Dragonlance Books and Game Resources

These are the first and most important books in the Saga: the introduction to a new world of wonder and adventure. Follow the Heroes of the Lance in their battles in Dragonlance Chronicles; travel through time with Tasslehoff, Caramon and Crysania to stop Raistlin Majere's evil plans in Dragonlance Legends; read more about the world after the War of the Lance or in crucial moments of Krynnish history in Dragonlance Tales or about the greatest mage of all times, Raistlin Majere, in a book narrating his dread Test of High Sorcery, The Soulforge. Finally, see the rising of a new generation of heroes in Second Generation and their biggest challenge: The Summer of Chaos, in Dragons of Summer Flame, the last book in the Fourth Age. Also find out the marvels and secrets of Krynn in Tales of the Lance, a boxed set for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, and The Art of the Dragonlance Saga.


Dragonlance Chronicles:

Dragons of Autumn Twilight Dragons of Autumn Twilight
Chronicles Trilogy Vol. 1

After five years separated, the Heroes of the Lance meet again in the Inn of the Last Home. A barbarian cleric holding a signal from the Gods is the key to a new adventure involving war, slavery and dragons...

Dragons of Winter Night Dragons of Winter Night
Chronicles Trilogy Vol. 2

The Companions, after saving the people of Abanasinia from slavery, have to separate themselves. And as the winter gets colder and Raistlin foretold, "some of them are not destined to meet again"...

Dragons of Spring Dawning Dragons of Spring Dawning
Chronicles Trilogy Vol. 3

The winter is over, and a new hope rises in Ansalon as the Heroes of the Lance, at last using the mighty dragonlances, face their greatest foe: The Queen of Darkness, Takhisis!

Dragonlance Chronicles Omnibus Dragonlance Chronicles Omnibus
Hardcover version

Read all the adventures of the Heroes of the Lance in just one hardcover volume! This is a special edition, and a wonderful addiction to any Dragonlance collection!

Dragonlance Legends and The Raistlin Chronicles:

Time of the Twins Time of the Twins
Legends Trilogy Vol. 1

Crysania, Caramon and Tasslehoff travel through time to the days before the Cataclysm in order to stop Raistlin Majere of challenging Takhisis and becoming a god himself.

War of the Twins War of the Twins
Legends Trilogy Vol. 2

Ansalon is struck by the Cataclysm. One hundred years later, Raistlin, now a powerful wizard, brings back Caramon, Tas and Crysania and tries to open the Gate to the Abyss!

Test of the Twins Test of the Twins
Legends Trilogy Vol. 3

The gate to the Abyss is opened, and Raistlin is about to challenge the Queen of Darkness. But Tas and Caramon, thrown in the future by accident, find out that the very future of Krynn is at risk!

The Soulforge The Soulforge
The Raistlin Chronicles, vol. 1

Raistlin Majere's early years and his Test of High Sorcery in a book by Margaret Weis! Find out the past of Raistlin and the Heroes of the Lance!

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