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Dragonlance Fifth Age Campaign Oracle
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Essential Dragonlance Books and Game Resources

Dragonlance Tales:

The Magic of Krynn The Magic of Krynn
Tales Trilogy Vol. 1

Short stories featuring the Magic in Krynn and the Companion's adventures - including Palin Majere's Test of High Sorcery!

Kender, Gully Dwarves, & Gnomes Kender, Gully Dwarves, & Gnomes
Tales Trilogy Vol. 2

Short stories about the 3 most unique races of Ansalon: kender, gully dwarves and gnomes, and a new adventure starred by Palin Majere and his brothers.

Love and War Love And War
Tales Trilogy Vol. 3

Short stories about Love and War in Ansalon, and Caramon Majere's account on a tale known as Raistlin's Daughter...

The Reign of Istar The Reign of Istar
Tales II Trilogy Vol. 1

Short stories set in the Reign of Istar, featuring the last moments of the Age of Might, under the Kingpriest's shadow.

The Cataclysm The Cataclysm
Tales II Trilogy Vol. 2

Short stories set during and after the Cataclysm, as we see the survivors of this great tragedy dealing with the gods' punishment over Ansalon.

The War of the Lance The War of the Lance
Tales II Trilogy Vol. 3

Short stories set before and during the War of the Lance, featuring "The Story Tasslehoff Promised He Would Never, Ever, Ever Tell".

The Second Generation and Dragons of Summer Flame:

Dragonlance: the Second Generation Dragonlance: the Second Generation

The Companion's children assume their places as heroes of Ansalon, while the scenario is set for the final conflict. Meet Kitiara's Son, Raistlin's Daughter and Palin, Sturm and Tanin Majere in their first adventures!

Dragons of Summer Flame Dragons of Summer Flame

As Steel Brightblade and the Knights of Takhisis conquer Ansalon, the Irda release the Chaos again upon Ansalon. This is the hottest summer ever in Ansalon, and can be its last summer... The final moments of the Fourth Age!

Game Material and Other Resources:

Tales of the Lance Tales of the Lance
AD&D Boxed Set

In this box, you will find all the required information to create your own Dragonlance campaign in the Fourth Age - an invaluable help to any Dragonlance Narrator on all Ages! Character statistics for the most known Heroes and villains of the Saga, maps and much more!

The Art of the Dragonlance Saga The Art of the Dragonlance Saga
Art Book

This book, besides showing the masterpieces that compose Dragonlance's Art Gallery since its inception, describes the very first moments of the setting, its development and, principally, its art. A collector's reprint of this TSR art book bestseller!

Dragonlance Classics 15th Anniversary Edition Dragonlance Classics 15th Anniversary Edition
Adventure/Source Book

Play the original adventure in the World of Krynn! Republished after 15 years, this is an invaluable resource for every Dragonlance fan! Command the Heroes of the Lance in their epic struggle to free Ansalon from the grip of the Dragonarmies! For both SAGA and AD&D rules!

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