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A Manuscript from Rolf Mathenus:

Welcome to my humble Oracle, visitor.

I hope you have enjoyed so far what I have to offer. However, today I will not be able to have a tea with you and talk about the world of Krynn personally. As I usually do every year, I am going to the Great Library in Palanthas to hand to my old friend Bertrem the copies of my works through the past 12 months.

A group of friends, led by Stahn Bryler, are helping me on my long journey, and traveling with such great adventurers is always a pleasure for a storyteller eager for more stories. I may be away for one month or more, and therefore I will not be able to answer the letters that come to me in seek of information. But the Oracle is still open for visitors, and I may bring some news from the Great Library as well...

May Gilean and Paladine light your paths, and have a good browsing through the documents of my Oracle!

Rolf Mathenus
The Owner of the Oracle


Warning: please, do not send any e-mails or submissions to the Oracle from 06/24 to 07/26. The Oracle will still be online, but I will be away and unable to receive your messages. Thank you.