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Dead Skull

To the Herald,

A new rumor is speading fast through the bigger cities in Eastern Ansalon; recently, it was a topic of conversation and gossip in the taverns of Palanthas. The rumor states that a flux of dark beings and foul undead were miggrating to Dargaard Keep to pay homage to its owner, Lord Soth, the Knight of the Black Rose. But according to some travellers, Soth is not on Dargaard Keep anymore. He is in Neraka, and he commands a horde of skeletal warriors and other undead minions!

The truth is known only by some Knights of the Skull and Lady Mirielle Abrena herself; there is a new death knight on the lands of Ansalon. This dreaded creature was amazingly created in a time without gods, and therefore no curse could have changed him into that foul form he shows while commanding his undead troops in Elgranor Keep. This was once a fortress commanded by him, but which is now changed into a place of decadence and death.

Lord Randalt Zaketk was a high-ranked Knight of Takhisis. He adopted the Order prior to its formation by Lord Ariakan, and he had an usual background: he was the son of a former Knight of Solamnia, but he wasn't accepted as a Knight because of his impulsive nature. He had extraordinary clerical talents, and so he was appointed as a Knight of the Skull. His first years in the Knighthood were glorious, as he took part in the conquer of Palanthas. But unlike his fellow Knights, he fled during the Chaos War, hiding himself in one of his family's properties. He testified that he was wounded after the conquer of Palanthas. Governor-General Abrena didn't want to be irritated no more about "that coward", and Randalt was kept among the Knights. But his status would never be the same.

Lord Randalt's plans began 5 years ago, when Governor-General Abrena sent him as the commander of a keep in the border with Teyr, named Elgranor Keep. It was a task no other Knight would assume, and it was considered by the Knights as a premature retirement for Lord Randalt, now a mature adult, who felt himself sicker and weaker. He realized that he was becoming old, and decided that the only way to regain his glory and his power would be surviving, or in another words, outliving his enemies. He wanted to be immortal.

His knowledge of Dark Mysticism, as Randalt was one of the first Knights of Takhisis to master these techniques, proved itself extremely useful as he researched for a way to achieve immortality. He found out that liches and other undead drain their immortalities from a negative plane. This plane surrounds Krynn and he could tap into those energies, acquiring immortality himself. He found a way to combine Spiritualism and Necromancy and open a gate to these forces, thus bathing himself in the energy. He prepared the ritual in all its details, and he cast the spell.

He had a mishap.

The energies from the Negative plane killed him instantly, though his soul didn't leave his body. His body was scarred and gray, by the damages caused by the dark forces. He felt pain, and wanted death to embrace him fast. But it never did. Now he was living an eternal life, a life in a long-dead body.

As a result, Lord Randalt now commands a troop of undead creatures created from the former Knights of Takhisis under Randalt's control, who were changed by the foul energies of the Negative plane too. The dark energies and his undead state drove him insane, he now believes to be Takhisis's chosen, his destiny to rule the Dark Knights and then Ansalon in the name of the Dark Queen. Governor-General Abrena is keeping close watch over Lord Randalt's plans, because they are a threat to the Knighthood itself.

From your devoted follower,

Lanun Quickarrow, Keeper of the Word


Lord Randalt Zaketk, the Knight of the Dead Skull
: Coordination 6, Physique 27, Intellect 9, Essence 9
Description: Death Knight
Demeanor: Cruel
Nature: Vain
Reputation: Legend
Social Status: Noble (Wealth 5)

Melee weapon: Long Sword of Fame (+13)
Second weapon: None
Armor: Plate Armor of Fame (-11)
Shield: Horse Shield of Renown (-8)


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