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Dragonlance - Villains

Kuhl Srathar:
Attributes: Agility 8(B), Dexterity 6(C), Endurance 8(A), Strength 9(A), Reason 6(C), Perception 8(B), Spirit 8(B), Presence 8(B)
Description: Male human (civilized)
Demeanor: Circumspect (Six of Helms)
Nature: Commanding (Four of Swords)
Reputation: Master (Quests 14, Hand 6)
Social Status: Guildsman (Wealth 5)

Melee weapon: Vorpal Sword (+13)
Second weapon: Long sword (+7)
Armor: Shadow Armor (-11)
Shield: Tower (-5)

Commander Kuhl Srathar of the Knights of Takhisis was born in Neraka, in 369 PC. His father, Andros Srathar, joined the Knights of Takhisis in 370 PC, just after Lord Ariakan formed that Order of Knights. He died in 383 PC, during the Chaos War, the same year Kuhl tried to become a Knight of Takhisis for the first time, unsuccessfully..

Kuhl saw the Order his father belonged to dying, and, 6 years later, joined the Knights of Takhisis as his father's heir to the honor. He served in Palanthas and Qualinost before he went to Gellidus' Realm, as an envoy from the Knights of Takhisis in Frost's Realm. He apparently works in Gellidus's sake, while he plans a way to conquer Frost's territory and power.

Commander Kuhl has two items of magic: a Shadow Armor, that allows him to be invisible unless a hero succeeds in a Challenging Perception test and a Vorpal Sword, a Long Sword +6 that severs one's head if Kuhl gets a 20 in an attack test. He masters the Mystic Sphere of Necromancy and commands a troop of 50 Knights of Takhisis in Daltigoth. He has acute eyesight. His objectives are unknown to most people, even among the Knights, but he strives to conquer Gellidus's lands and to kill anyone who opposes him.


Kith Vanos, Lord of the Thorn:
Attributes: Agility 6(C), Dexterity 8(A), Endurance 7(B), Strength 9(A), Reason 9(A), Perception 9(B), Spirit 7(B), Presence 10(A)
Description: Male dark elf (Kagonesti civilized)
Role: Thorn Knight
Demeanor: Treacherous (Six of Dragons)
Nature: Brutal (Seven of Swords)
Reputation: Archetype (Quests 29, Hand 9)
Social Status: Royalty (Wealth 9)

First weapon: Scepter of Cyrellos (+5)
Second weapon: Teeth Chain x2 (+3)
Armor: Dragon scales armor (-12)
Shield: N/A

Other equipment:
Scepter of Cyrellos: add +2 to Pe, +4 to Pr, attack as a quarterstaff +5. It emits blue light in a 30 ft. radius.
Gorgon Bow: Long bow +5 - Made of twisted gray wood, its petrification arrows (21 arrows) have the ability to turn victims into stone.
Fire Chakrum: Chakrum +3
Amulet of True Sight: Allows Kith to determine auras (Nature's card color) twice a day.
Mount: Shadow, black War Horse


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