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Dragonlance - Roles

The Druid:

In former ages, people used to call "Druids" both Nature deities priests or heathen priests, false gods' believers or druids from other AD&D worlds. Now, while the power of the heart is been spread through all Ansalon, thanks to the Citadel of Light and other enlightened hearts, the druids are back to Ansalon, fighting for nature and living in peace in Krynn's forests. Druids dress in a very distinctive way, looking very rustic in their brown or green robes. They usually have long beards (men) or hair (women). They are men and women that live apart from the world, using their gifts in Balance's sake.

A Druid is, actually, a mystic gifted with Animism and/or Alteration. Just a handful mystics from the Citadel of Light choose to follow the druid way, therefore many druids discovered their abilities by chance. A Druid is a calm, attentive and healthy person, so he/she must have at least 6 in Spirit, Perception and Endurance. It is required some special abilities to be a druid - good senses and inner peace are carved in a druid soul, so his/her codes must reflect this, having at least B in Perception and Spirit. Druids have very good health, but they can't either wear heavy armor, or wield any Sorcery school, so C is their maximum ability code in Endurance and Reason. A druid must have Animism or Alteration Spheres, while the other Spheres are chosen by the player. Dwarves, Elves, Half-elves, Humans and Kender can be Druids, but humans, elves and half-elves are more suited for this role.

A druid receives trump bonus while using Animism or Alteration Spheres, in actions with animals or searching for rare herbs or vegetables. It counts as Herbalist skill, in case of Skills usage featured in "A Saga Companion". It reflects, in game terms, druid affinities with nature.

On the other hand, druids can never get trump bonuses for Necromancy or Spiritualism Spheres, because they are connected to life itself, and these Spheres reflect death aspects. Druids never receive trump bonus while trying Presence actions in the city, or with those not accustomed with natural environments. They are also responsible by all living things near their havens - all plants and animals should receive attention and protection. Druids living near desolated regions, as Malys' Desolation or Gellidus' domains, must fight the Great Dragons and try to restore the former natural balance.


The Specialist Sorcerer:

In the Fourth Age, there were three magical orders - each one ruled by a god of Magic. The Order of the White Robes was guided by Solinari's good magic; the Order of the Red Robes was commanded by Lunitari's neutral magic; and the Order of the Black Robes was ruled by Nuitari's evil magic. These three order, although sisters in magic, had no other connection among themselves. They used to keep the Towers of High Sorcery and to protect magic, hunting those who didn't join any order, the rogue wizards (or mages). Among these men and women, there were the specialist wizards, users of forbidden techniques to master one School of magic instead of that schools chosen by a certain Order.

In the Fifth Age, the specialist sorcerers reappeared after the discovery of Krynn's new magic, the Sorcery. They are men and women able to wield a certain school with mastery, but they gain some penalties while dealing with other schools and/or mysticism. A specialist sorcerer is a devoted and intelligent person, therefore having at least 7 in Reason. They seldom can practice physical tasks and weapon training besides their diligent studies, so their Strength is limited to a maximum of 5. While they must cast sorcery spells to be a sorcerer, a specialist sorcerer needs at least a B code in Reason, while their lack of training causes them to have a maximum code of C in Strength. Gnomes and Humans can be specialists.

During character creation, the player names a sorcery School. From that point on, that is the School the hero mastered, and it can't be changed. A specialist sorcerer receives a bonus of -2 in all difficulties and magic costs while trying to cast or resist a spell from the School he mastered, because of his/her familiarity with that kind of magic. He/she also considers all cards (except Dragons) to be trump when casting spell from that School.

But a specialist sorcerer receives two penalties: all spells he/she casts but those from his specialized School receive a penalty of +2 to all difficulties and costs. When trying to resist a spell that is not from his/her favorite School, a specialist sorcerer receives a +2 penalty to difficulty. Also, no card he/she plays while casting other spells beyond those he/she is a specialist with is ever trump.


The Dwarven Tunnel Builder:

During the Fifth Age, Thorbardin, even closed to strangers, is helping the Qualinesti elves in their fight against Beryl and the Knights of Takhisis by digging tunnels connecting their realms. To build reliable tunnels, the High Thane summons the tunnel builders, dwarven architects especialized in making safe ways and terrain identification.

To be a Tunnel Builder, a hero must be a dwarf. No other races have the required talents to identify soil types and possible cave-ins as the mountain dwarves. Hill dwarves are not so able to plan and build reliable tunnels, and therefore they may not be allowed to take this Role, unless they receive a special training to do so. Endurance, Strength and Perception must be at least 6 each, and Agility and Dexterity may have 8 as their maximum values. The maximum code allowed in Reason is B, and a Perception code of C or better is also necessary for a dwarf who intends to be a Tunnel Builder.

A Tunnel Builder receives a +2 bonus on all underground actions, even in combat. This reflects his/her ability in explore the environment resources at his/her will. Tunnel Builders consider all cards in actions as detecting secret or concealed doors, locating underground rifts, possible cave-ins or water sources, finding the directions in a tunnel and other actions related with the undergrounds as trump. However, no cards played in water situations as sailing or swimming are considered trump, and Tunnel Builders receive a penalty of -2 in open field actions.


The Centaur Wrestler:

The centaurs value their skilled warriors. Mastering the use of bows and the arts of fighting are essential attributes to a young male centaur, especially during the Age of Mortals. But the traditional ways of fighting are still considered important, and the centaur wrestlers are the masters of these combat arts.

To be a Centaur Wrestler, a hero must be a Centaur. No other races have the strength and the speed to execute the complex fighting maneuvers and techniques a centaur wrestler uses. Endurance and Strength must be at least 8 each, Perception should be at least 7, and Reason must have 6 as its maximum value. The maximum code allowed in Reason is C, and a Dexterity code of A is also necessary. As all centaurs, the code for Endurance must be X.

Centaur wrestlers receive a trump bonus when attacking with bows; they also receive trump bonuses to soothe horses and to fight on unarmed combat. They never receive trump bonuses for spellcasting or other missile weapons that are not bows. They can use special fighting maneuvers to drag a foe to the ground or to knock out a target by making a Challenging (12) Strength action, resisted by the foe's Endurance. Charging attacks are always trump for Centaur Wrestlers.


The Desolation Scout:

It is needed more than only luck to survive the harsh environments of the Desolation. Kender and humans alike learned that lesson as their lands were corrupted by Malystryx in the dawn of the Age of Mortals. Now, living in a place which the closest comparation would be the Abyss, the wandering tribes of kender and humans rely on their scouts to keep them alive.

A Desolation Scout is a man or woman trained in the arts of finding water and safe shelter in the arid lands, how to treat the most common diseases in the area, the beasts that inhabit the terrain and how to destroy them. They have high endurance to the hard conditions of the land and they are capable experts in survival tactics.

To be a Desolation Scout, a hero must have an Endurance and Perception value of 6 or higher, and Agility must be at least 8. The maximum code allowed in Endurance is C, and a Perception code of B is also necessary. The Desolation requires agility to overcome obstacles, and armors are a setback in such warm and mountainous environment. Keeping an eye open for every detail is also important, and that is why a high Perception is important.

Desolation Scouts receive a Trump bonus for any card played in actions to follow tracks and survival actions in the Desolation, such as looking for safe shelter, food and water. Tests to identify animal tracks and poisonous plants are also always trump for Desolation Scouts. However, Desolation Scouts are very afraid of dragons and their fearsome powers, because they have seen the terrible things Malys caused to their homeland: no card played while resisting Dragonawe is ever Trump. Desolation Scouts also were raised to resist the heat of the Desolation and therefore they are very vulnerable to cold weather: no card played in cold environments or even in temperate winters is Trump for Desolation Scouts. This can be a problem in places like the Icewall or even during Solace's mild winter.


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