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Emerald Threats

The mould was very think and green, as if the soil bled a green slime that stuck to the party's feet and clothes. Nortur tripped on loose roots more than once, and his light blue robes now resembled the attire of an earth-dwelling druid. The party was tired, and weariness is known to cause delusions.

That was Anton's thought as he stided forward. He didn't fear, knowing that if they walked fast, they could reach a safe point and set their camp for the night. He wasn't sure that a safe point could exist in that damned jungle, but he ignored what his eyes were telling him, until it was too late. He didn't want to believe what he saw. He saw the grove moving itself.

All Overlords have terrible landshaping powers that were used to build their domains on Krynn. Differently from the Desolation or Southern Ergoth, Beryl's domain is one of the most lively environments in all of Ansalon. Besides all the varied fauna and flora that lived in Qualinesti before Beryl's arrival, Beryl himself created different species while he altered the very soil and climate of the forest. This article brings statistics and descriptions for 4 of those new creatures.

Attributes: Coordination 5, Physique 10, Intellect 4, Essence 4 - Damage +2, Defense -2
Special Abilities: Regeneration, Aura (Sleep), Web

A mouldman is a form of sencient fungi colony capable of reproducing itself through division. Scholars are still uncertain about their origins, but Mouldmen could be a work of Beryl's alterations in the forest or Chaos' influence. They are very silent warriors, preferring to disguise themselves as a kind of green, sticky slime until they move to attack the enemy.

Mouldmen are similar to statues made of green spores, about 5 to 6 metres in heigth. They are hollow creatures, and therefore they are not heavy. They usually attack with their bare hands or wooden weapons such as staves and maces. They usually attack in bands of 4 or 5 Mouldmen, looking for carrion to feed on. In case they don't find carrion, they hunt their own prey. An unusual number of those creatures can be found close to Beryl's lair at all times.

Mouldmen can use a kind of sticking web out of their hands. This web is their first weapon, holding the enemy. The enemies that escape this attack have to resist the Mouldmen's spores, a potent sleeping drug. If the victim falls under the web or asleep, the Mouldmen usually feed on it still alive, using its carrion to reproduce and form more Mouldmen. They are very vulnerable to fire, and all damage caused by fire should be multiplied by two.

Treant (Extracted from the book Tales of the Lance):
Attributes: Coordination 6, Physique 36, Intellect 6, Essence 6 - Damage +12, Defense -5
Special Abilities: Animism

Treants are woodlike giants that are more treelike than they are humanoid. They are guardians of the woodlands and will move to thwart wanton destruction. Fire-based attacks have a +2 bonus to hit against treants, who also suffer 1 extra point of damage for every 3 damage points inflicted in these attacks. Using their animism, treants can animate up to two trees to fight for them (Co 1, Ph 36, In 1, Es 1 - damage +12, defense -4).

Green Satyr:
Attributes: Coordination 9, Physique 18, Intellect 4, Essence 7 - Damage +5, Defense -3
Special Abilities: Musk, Missile Weapons, Animism

Green satyrs are sadistic monsters. They were once some of nature's most majestic and gentle creatures, but now they have become an aberration. They are born of dead satyrs who were contaminated with Beryl's altering energy. They are about 4 or 5 metres tall and they may weight from 100 to 160 pounds. They usually wear leather loinclothes, and their skin is green and rotting.

Green satyrs are very rare creatures, and usually only one at a time can be sighted. They are fierce enemies of the Qualinesti satyrs, and one of their motivations is to kill all satyrs in the Green's realm. Green satyrs are seen by druids as a distortion of the natural order and creatures that must be destroyed at all costs.

Green satyrs usually attack with their missile weapons at sight. In close combat, their stinky musk can drive away many enemies by forcing them to do a Daunting Endurance test to avoid nausea. Green satyrs are still able to use Animism as their cousins, but their spells are mostly offensive. They always fight to death.

Black Willow (Extracted from the book Tales of the Lance):
Attributes: Coordination 1, Physique 48, Intellect 2, Essence 0 - Damage +6, Defense -4
Special Abilities: Regenerate (1 point/turn), Immunity to Electromancy, Swallow Whole, Aura (Sleep)

This carnivorous plant is the size of a small tree or log. Related to the giant anemone, the black willow's branches are really tentacles. These tentacles may be hidden in the willow's hollow cavity so that it looks like a log, or extended to look like a willow. The black willow prefers to lull its prey into a stupor before attacking, radiating an aura of drowsiness in a 20' radius (A Presence test is required to resist it). Those caught and swallowed will be digested at the rate of 1 card/turn.

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