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Dragonlance - Heroes

Attributes: Agility 8(X), Dexterity 9(C), Endurance 5(C), Strength 6(C), Reason 7(C), Perception 6(A), Spirit 8(B), Presence 7(C)
Description: Female human (civilized)
Role: Legionnaire Mystic
Demeanor: Wild and Realistic (Three of Shields)
Nature: Inspiring and Fair (Two of Crowns)
Reputation: Champion (Quests 8, Hand 5)
Social Status: Commoner (Wealth 3)

First weapon: Scimitar (+5)
Second weapon: Crossbow (+5)
Armor: Leather armor (-2)
Shield: Buckler (-1)

Celeste was born to the hard streets of Relgoth, the corrupted city located within the Blue Wastes. Her parents she never knew as her father and mother were slew by Dark Knights soon after the Blue found out of this Solamnic Knight spy amidst his territory.

However, the child that resulted from Sir Owen, Knight of the Rose and the fair elven beauty, Raellaenia, lived on. She was taken by the Dark Knights after the murder of her parents and brought up to become part of that dark army. For all these years, she has been one to believe the lies that the Knights of Takhisis have fed her, she has believed that it was Solamnics that killed her parents instead of the "proud" and "honorable" Knights of Takhisis. She was a mere squire for a time, but soon enough her other skills began to show through. She was assigned to a man known only as 'Blackblade', through him she was to learn the subtle ways of a spy and would soon become what the Dark Knights had seen in her.

She stayed with him for six years, up until the age of fifteen. Looking back on it now, he seemed to be the only father figure in her life and although he was often-times strict with her, it seemed as though he treated her as though she were a daughter to him. He really didn't share the views that she had seen instilled in other dark knights either, he seemed almost to despise the knights as they had "fallen from grace" as Blackblade once put it. Soon came the time for her training period to end and his final gift to the one that he called 'daughter' was a silver medallion with an onyx gem in the middle. She left the next day, back to Relgoth and those that she hadn't seen for so long.

She came back to Relgoth, seemingly with much more guile and cunning, but also with the confidence in herself that she had a decision in what she would do with her life. She was ready to continue the last of her training to become a true Knight of Takhisis, which was still a few years off. However, within days, her world was shattered and that around her was broken.

She got word of the execution of Blackblade from Neraka. This shook the very foundations of that which she knew, such as it was that he was the one who shaped her beliefs and strong will. She was deemed unfit for duty for the few days afterward and soon began having these strange dreams. She dreamt of a noble knight from the lands of Solamnia and an elven woman that must have come from the green forests of Qualinesti. She does not remember what she saw exactly in those dreams, but suddenly it seemed that the veil of lies that the dark knights had draped upon her had been torn from her and allowed her to see the light of truth.

Within that week, the Heroes of the Heart soon arrived to save those that were doomed to become dragonspawn. They shattered the fortress known as the Bastion of Darkness and with that Celeste saw that her place was not among these foul knights, so she left. Fleeing to the south over the sands of the wastes, she arrived in Solamnia with the help of the desert barbarians that she had encountered.

At the age of seventeen, she stayed in Solanthus with Sir Arkhel, an aged Knight of the Rose. He took her in after hearing of her story and has been thus far hoping to convince her to start on the road to becoming a Solamnic Knight. She is truly grateful for the generosity that he has shown her, and hopes to repay him someday, but the life of a knight is not what she wishes for. She went south into Abanasinia and joined with the Legion of Steel, apprenticing to Lady Azshara Kiljaril of the Citadel of Light. These two may commonly be found on the Citadel grounds, or in the town of Schallsea. At the Citadel they stay usually, Lady Azshara stays has decided to take Celeste here so that she may learn of the art of mysticism in a better learning environment, also because it isn't such a bad place to stay at either!

Celeste has a quarter of elven blood in her and thus has slightly pointed ears, not very, but they are noticeable. She has long red hair, usually keeping it up on all but formal occasions and stands at 5'". Celeste's facial features are considered quite attractive by most, with a small pert nose and large blue eyes. She tends to keep herself in fit condition, never forgetting the training that she had through the dark knights, and looks to be around 19. She has two acute senses: sight and hearing.


Tearfire Starglow:
Attributes: Agility 7(D), Dexterity 8(C), Endurance 6(D), Strength 5(C), Reason 6(B), Perception 7(A), Spirit 7(B), Presence 5(B)
Description: Male Kender (afflicted)
Role: Kender Ranger
Demeanor: Serious and Open-minded (Two of Orbs)
Nature: Relentless and Independent (Five of Swords)
Reputation: Master (Quests 12, Hand 6)
Social Status: Commoner (Wealth 3)

First weapon: Soris (+3)
Second weapon: Horse bow (+4)
Armor: Leather armor (-2)
Shield: None

Tearfire was born in Kendermore in the few years before the Chaos War, and if having been born into such a chaotic was wasn't bad enough, by the time that he was but seven years old, the Great Dragon Malystryx unleashed her might upon the poor residents of Kendermore. As the kender soon took flight from their homeland, many of them managed to live through the efforts of Hero of the Lance, Riverwind of Que-Shu. His parents however, didn't live. His mother and father killed in the battle with the ogres, Tearfire was taken by relatives on the long road to Hylo. It was in Hylo that he lived mainly, but as he turned seventeen in the autumn of 14sc, he felt a strange calling to him. He wondered if this was that wanderlust that his other kender friends experience, but he knew that he was different in certain ways from other kender. Soon enough though, he took off from Hylo and ventured south, onto the isle of Southern Ergoth. He was able to sneak onto a ship and soon enough found himself on the sea. After a slight argument with the captain and a bluffed blackmail, Tearfire soon enough found himself on that icy island. Soon enough, he wondered what in Krynn he was doing, traveling through a rugged landscape such as Frost's newfound realm. Knowing that he may as well try and get out of the frigid lands, he decided upon traveling south, in a hurry. That didn't save him however, unused to the temperatures and not that strong in the first place, he fell to the cold and battering winds.

He found himself to be alive however, days later it seemed as he was in a small cave with a Kagonesti bundled in furs by his side. Still weak from the cold, Tear didn't have the chance to speak much, but even if he did, he wasn't too sure on communications though. He was carried from the glacial area soon enough by the wilf elf and found himself within the woodlands of Southern Ergoth. The name of the wilder elf he was Laughing Gale, this he was able to discern through speaking goblin with him. As time went on in the forestlands of Ergoth, he learned the language of the Kagonesti and was able to join with the wild elves there. He learned the ways of living in the wild and became a ranger under Laughing Gale's tutelage and was the only kender ranger on the whole isle. They've been friends since then and still are, even with the threat of Frost attacking the forestland and the Solamnics and wild elves preparing to battle him.

Before Tearfire came to Southern Ergoth and the green lands of the Kagonesti, he had another name obviously. He was given the name 'Tearfire' by the wild elves for what had happened to him, the shedding of tears in the raging fires of Malystryx. 'Starglow' was of his own imagination, he decided that he starting a new life, like the birth of a star and so now goes by this name. Tearfire has traveled through the lands of Abanasinia and through Solamnia a bit, but never has he returned to Hylo or any other area of kender. He feels that most of them are too different from him and thus has been staying mostly with the Kagonesti throughout his life. Currently he lives in the wilds of the woods with the elves that saved his life and seemed to give it a new meaning.

Tearfire has access to the school of geomancy and sphere of animism, these he learned from the Kagonesti Shamans on Southern Ergoth. Tearfire also gains a trump bonus to all Pe actions that involve sight or hearing. As a kender ranger he gets a trump bonus to gain surprise while outdoors, but different from the yeoman role, he never gets a trump bonus for avoiding surprise. He isn't subject to the -3 penalty to being indoors, but when underground it he is penalized.

Tearfire is a slender kender who's tall for his race. Standing at four feet and weighing slightly over seventy-five pounds, one might mistake him for a short elf. Tear's iris are colored a strange red and he has golden-brown hair, which hangs down to the tips of his pointed ears as he doesn't wear it in a topknot. He has burn scars along his back and some on his chest, but they don't seem to be too noticeable when in the winter as he bundles up a little more. Tearfire keeps with him a black wolf named Leifien, this noble animal has been with him for the last few years and is ever loyal to him and those that he calls friends.

Co: 8, Ph: 9, In: 3, Es: 5, Dmg: +5, Def: -2.


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