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Dragonlance - Dragons

Jeaderyllyx (Jade):
Race and Age: Green Dragon - Adult
Demeanor: Egotistical
Statistics: Coordination 10, Physique 50, Intellect 12 (144), Essence 12 (144). Damage +18, Defense -14
Magic Schools/Sphere: Enchantment, Pyromancy, Aeromancy, Mentalism

Jade was born in 237 AC. She was born from an egg stolen by plains barbarians and left to die in a cave near Qualinesti Forest. She hatched and killed her captors, feeding on their corpses until she was strong enough to go outside the cave. She lived there for 50 years without being annoyed by any other beings or dragons. And so Speirakk came. He was an adult male green dragon, and he took Jade outside her cave forever. They raided together many Good dragons' lairs in search of their eggs, so Takhisis could reenter the world without the menace of the Good Dragons.

Jade and Speirakk joined the Green Dragonarmy in 345 PC, and they fought many battles in Takhisis' name. But Speirakk died in a battle against a party of Knights of Solamnia armed with mighty Dragonlances in 353 PC. Jade fled, leaving the war to rest in her cave, located near Qualinesti. She flew during months until she arrived back home, and fell asleep.

She woke up from her 60-year sleep hungry for power. She found out her domains were conquered by a Dragon from another land, named Beryllinthranox. She wants to win Beryl and take all of her domains, from Qualinesti to the Plains of Dust. She works to gain power and increase her forces so she can fight Beryl... And kill her. No matter if the cost will be the lives of everything in Beryl's realm. She can join the Legion of Steel secretly and help them to defeat Beryl's plans, but she desires to increase her magical powers beyond of Beryl's by finding the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth before her foe can do it. She hates Knights of Solamnia because she wants to avenge her husband Speirakk.

Adventure hook: A party of heroes find Jade's cave and she hires them to find a magical artifact beneath a cave or ruin near her cave. This is, in fact, a plan to attract heroes to a trap and take their magical items after they die in the dungeon...


Fyrabledaagh (Fireblood):
Race and Age: Red Dragon - Adult
Demeanor: Sadistic
Statistics: Coordination 10, Physique 50, Intellect 12 (144), Essence 12 (144). Damage +18, Defense -14
Magic Schools/Sphere: Pyromancy, Geomancy, Summoning, Alteration

Fireblood was born in 212 AC. She hatched in a cave in the Khalkists, and her mother was awake after the Queen of Darkness' first call following the Cataclysm. Fireblood was the strongest and oldest wyrm among her siblings, and she made them respect her by force and by killing even her brothers and sisters who didn't obey her. She gathered more power as the years passed, and she left her cave to join the Red Dragonarmy in late 332 PC.

Fireblood lived in Sanction as the Dragonarmies increased their power and influence over the lands of Ansalon. She admired Ariakas but still saw his as a puny human. She was sure that giving so much power to a fragile human would ruin Her Queen's plans, and she proved herself right in the day Ariakas was killed by the Heroes of the Lance. She escaped from the Temple in Neraka and searched for shelter in the same cave she was born. She laid there until the call of another commander summoned her.

She respected Ariakan more than she ever regarded his father, the late Dragon Highlord Ariakas. She saw stength in the Knights of Takhisis, and she was one of the first red dragons to join a talon before the Summer of Chaos. Her talon conquered part of the Plains of Solamnia, and she was certain that this time Her Dark Majesty would rule over Ansalon. But Chaos stroke.

Fireblood was seriosly injured in a battle against fire dragons, and she once more looked for a safe haven to escape from the menace that endangered her life. When Takhisis summoned all chromatic dragons to the Rift, she refused to answer the call. She had trusted the Queen of Darkness and her commanders for long, but now she wasn't willing to sacrifice her life once more. The Second Cataclysm was over, and then she found herself away from her Queen. She tried to atone herself after her sin, but the Queen of Darkness was gone forever. She found herself without a reason in life until Malys arrived. She saw in Malys a powerful being and a crafty tactician, the leader she always looked for. She serves Malys without questions, especially because she knows she wouldn't be able to defeat her master.

Adventure hook: Any group traveling the Desolation can encounter Fireblood. She usually acts as a scout, watching Malys' lands while her master is away. Fireblood can also assume the form of an injured kender to lure heroes into a deadly trap, or surprise them with an aerial attack.


Lukyll (Lukke):
Race and Age: Bronze Dragon - Very Old
Demeanor: Cautious
Statistics: Coordination 12, Physique 56, Intellect 15 (225), Essence 15 (225). Damage +30, Defense -20
Magic Schools/Sphere: Mentalism, Healing, Alteration, Aeromancy

Lukyll was born in 285 PC in the Dragon Isles. Due to the banishment of the Queen of Darkness by the great Huma Dragonbane, Lukyll was forbidden by the elders to visit Ansalon. He was always curious about the lands beyond the oceans and the races that lived there. The stories about mighty knights and honored people should be true, he mused, and deep inside he wished someday to be able to visit the lands of Ansalon. He mated a young Bronze female, Lyanyallax, and she laid their first their clutch in 262 AC. When his eggs were still hatching, the chromatic dragons raided Tayol, one of the Dragon Isles, and changed Lukyll's life forever.

Lukyll and Lyanyallax's clutch of eggs was stolen, and Lukyll's rage was uncontrollable. He wanted to fight back the intruders and recover the Good dragons' eggs, but the elders decided to swear Takhisis' Dark Oath and keep away from the affairs of the world. Lukyll was against it, but he had no option but to agree. Lyanyallax died in 304 AC, unable to stand the distance from her beloved eggs. On that day, Lukyll traveled across the ocean and assumed the disguise of a fisherman in Nordmaar. He saw the advance of the Dragon highlords in Ansalon and was unable to help but on participating of the resistance in Nordmaar. He would still follow the Oath when Silvara and the other Metallic Dragons from the Dragon Isles decided to break the Oath and raid Sanction to recover the last stolen eggs. He happily joined the battle, and he made the chromatic dragons pay for his clutch's corruption.

He fought by the side of the Knights of Solamnia, and he was among the forces who sieged Kalaman during the end of the War of the Lance. After the war was over, he returned to his life in the shores of Nordmaar, and there he lived until the Summer of Chaos. When the fire dragons attacked, he was part of the raiding Solamnic squadrons who fought the shadow-wights, and he barely survived the battles until the time the Rift was closed and Chaos was finally banished. The Dragon Purge didn't catch him offguard, and he kept himself in disguise during the coming of Malys and the other Dragon Overlords. In 17 SC, he met some Legionnaires who were in a shipwreck in the seas of Nordmaar, and he helped them escaping certain death. In turn, the Legionnaires explained to him more about the Order and how he could help banishing the Dragon Overlords from the lands of Ansalon. He accepted, and since then he is one of the few dragons to work openly with the Legion.

Adventure hook: Lukyll usually helps members of the Legion of Steel in the realms of Nordmaar and Iyesta. He usually avoids crossing the realm of Malys whenever he can, spending long periods on both locations. Lukyll can help by fighting alongside the heroes or rescuing them during a shipwreck. He can also give information about the ocean and the nearby northwestern shores of Ansalon.


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