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Dragonlance Fifth Age Oracle - Online Resources

Welcome to our Online Resources!

If you play a PBeM in Fifth Age setting, or you simply want to save your time, you came to the right place! Here you will find four all-new JavaScript applications you can use at our site or download for free!

When clicking on any of the links below, a new JavaScript window will open. You can open only one window of each application at a time, but as many applications as you want. If you need any help on using the applications, click here for Help or look for buttons similar to a question mark on the application you are using. You can also download a zip file with all the applications.



Launch Dragonlance Online Fate Deck 2.0

Launch Dragonlance Online AD&D/SAGA Character Converter 1.0

Launch Dragonlance Online AD&D/SAGA Monster Converter 1.0

Launch Dragonlance Online Random Character Generator 2.0



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