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Dragonlance Fifth Age Campaign Oracle
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Dragonlance Fifth Age books and SAGA Rules System Supplements and Adventures

The Bridges of Time series:

Spirit of the Wind Spirit of the Wind
Bridges of Time Vol. 1

Riverwind, Hero of the Lance and Chieftain of the Plainsmen, answers the Kender's cry for help while their lands are shattered by Malystyx, the powerful wyrm. But can he stop the Red Marauder?

Legacy of Steel Legacy of Steel
Bridges of Time Vol. 2

Sara Dunstan, Steel Brightblade's adoptive mother, goes on a Quest for justice in the name of her late son, and founds the Legion of Steel, a new force for Good in Ansalon.

The Silver Stair The Silver Stair
Bridges of Time Vol. 3

After the Departure of the gods and Riverwind's demise, Goldmoon tests her own faith, and finds a new way to use healing magic through the emotions, founding the Citadel of Light!

The Rose and the Skull The Rose and the Skull
Bridges of Time Vol. 4

After the Chaos War, the Knights of Solamnia and the Knights of Takhisis live in an uneasy truce. But as Lord Gunthar dies, will the Solamnic Knights be able to survive?

Heroes of a New Age Dramatic Supplements:

Heroes of Steel Heroes of Steel
Heroes of a New Age Vol. 1

New Roles for warriors, information on the Knighthood Orders of Ansalon, rules for advanced and army combats and much more!

Heroes of Defiance Heroes of Defiance
Heroes of a New Age Vol. 2

Roles for Rogue characters, information on Krynnish "unsung heroes", and a complete description of Northern Ergoth in the Fifth Age!

Heroes of Sorcery Heroes of Sorcery
Heroes of a New Age Vol. 3

New Roles for Sorcerers, information on the Academy of Sorcery, the best mages in Ansalon, new rules for advanced spellcasting and more!

Heroes of Hope Heroes of Hope
Heroes of a New Age Vol. 4

Information on the Citadel of Light and Mysticism, new Roles for Mystics and rules on Hybrid Spellcasting and the other several Mystic Orders in Ansalon!

Other Dramatic Supplements:

Citadel of Light Citadel of Light
SAGA Rules System Boxed Set

The definitive resource on the Citadel of Light! Learn more about the first Mystic Order in Ansalon, its members, Shallsea Island, Citadel's foes and much more! A must have for every Narrator!

The Sylvan Veil The Sylvan Veil

The first adventure in the Battle Lines supplement line, The Sylvan Veil has all about Silvanesti, its Magical Shields and what is happening inside of it. An important supplement in the War of Souls!

Palanthas Palanthas

The greatest city in Ansalon in the Fifth Age! Resources on the fate of Shoikan Grove, the city's government, The Knights of Takhisis and more on this Herald's Lorebook series book!

The Last Tower: Legacy of Raistlin The Last Tower: Legacy of Raistlin
SAGA Rules System Boxed Set

All the necessary information on the Last Tower of High Sorcery! The mysterious Master of the Tower, the Test of High Sorcery, Palin's laboratory and a complete listing of magical items!


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