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Dragonlance - Magical Items

Ring of Spell Storing:

This Ring have two different versions: Old Ring of Spell Storing (or Fourth Age Ring) and the New Ring of Spell Storing (Fifth Age Ring). Their differences are not in their names only: they have completely different powers.

All Old Rings of Spell Storing were crafted before the Summer of Chaos. They were created by Sorcerers from the old Orders of High Sorcery and some Priests of the True Gods. They have the ability to cast a spell previously stored in it. It contains a random number of sorcery spells from any School (flip a card from the Fate Deck, and the card number is equal to the number of spells). Some rings may have mystic spells instead of sorcery spells (find out the number of magic spells the same way as described above, but subtract two from the card number).

Once the number of sorcery spells (or mystic spells) is determined, the Narrator determines the schools/spheres, invocation times, duration times, ranges, areas and effects of each magic. Any hero, even if he/she doesn't have any magical ability, can use the spells stored in the Ring. It is possible to a sorcerer or mystic store a magic in the ring, just casting it, resisted by half the difficulty of that magic (an example: a 14-spell point magic has a difficulty of 21, that is, 14+7=21).

A Fifth Age Ring of Spell Storing has 50 spell points a sorcerer or mystic can use when needed. A spellcaster can use all 50 points, but if no spell points are left in the ring, it is lost forever, and becomes a normal ring. It recovers 1 spell point each 2 hours. It also gives a +2 bonus to Reason or Spirit while casting spells.

Cloak of Elvenkind:

A Cloak of Elvenkind is a special item crafted only in Silvanesti and Qualinesti, the elven nations of Ansalon. It is made of neutral gray cloth and it looks like an ordinary cloak of the same kind. When a hero wears this cloak, and its hood is drawn up around his/her head, the hero becomes nearly invisible, as a chameleon can. Outdoors, in natural surroundings, a hero using this cloak is spotted only with an Impossible (24) Perception action; In underground surroundings, a hero can be spotted in two situations: an Impossible (24) Perception action in darker rooms, and a Desperate (16) Perception action to be seen in bright light rooms. In urban surroundings, a hero can be spotted like in underground surroundings, depending on the light. Only 10% of these cloaks are made for dwarves or gnomes; almost all cloaks are for human or elven-sized beings.

Gauntlets of Giant Strength:

These gauntlets give an amazing surge of strength to its wearer. In game terms, consider the user of these Gauntlets to have Strength 10, keeping the former code the hero had. If the hero already has Strength 10, it becomes 11, keeping the code it had.

Crossbow of Accuracy:

This crossbow is imbued with magical energies, becoming easier to hit targets with it. Consider it a Crossbow +6, but this bonus is applied just to attack actions, not to damage. All targets are considered in near missile range while the archer is using this crossbow. About 10% of these weapons are Heavy crossbows instead of normal ones.

Defender Sword:

A Defender sword is a Long sword +8, but its bonuses can be added both in attack, damage and defense ratings. Each round, a hero using this sword can determine how many bonuses he/she wants to add to each rating.
An example: Stahn has a Defender Sword. He has a +8 bonus to split among attack and defense ratings. As he is fighting some goblins, he decides to use all his bonuses to attack, increasing his Strength to 16! Some days ago, Stahn finds himself in a battle with 5 Knights of Takhisis. He decides to flee, and so he uses his bonuses the following way: -6 to defense and +2 to attack.
There are a few Defender Swords with a +10 bonus, but it is very rare.

Solamnic Armor:

These armors were given to Knights of Solamnia that reached the title of Lord (in game terms, Quests 10 or, using "A Saga Companion" rules, Quests 8 to Knights of Solamnia, Quests 10 to Knights of the Sword and Quests 12 to Knights of the Rose roles). They began to be forged again after the rediscover of magic. It is a normal Plate armor with a bonus of -2.

Staff of Striking/Curing:

These staves were common during the Age of Might. They were used for defense and as a means to further the cause of the gods. They are polished maple with a silver or bronze cap bearing the symbol and secret name of one's god. Goldmoon was the first to receive a Staff of Striking/Curing from Mishakal herself after the Cataclysm, in Xak Tsaroth.

It has several powers: it works as a Quarterstaff +6, but when the user spends two charges, it becomes +12 instead of +6. The staff can't be used for healing until an hour has passed since the last time this power was used. As a Staff of Curing, it may heals up to 4 cards to any hero, but only once a day for each recipient. This power costs 2 charges. It can be used up to 6 times in 24 hours.

The staff recharges itself in sunlight at a rate of 1 charge per 2 hours, as long it is not used. It can hold up to 50 charges.

Amulet of Roots:

These amulets are given by druids to heroes that helped them to keep the balance in a certain area. Redstar received one after the battle in Southern Ergoth. An amulet is made of young roots and leaves, and it can heal up to 3 cards a day to its owner, or save him/her from a fatal blow by healing one card when this hero receives a deadly attack. After healing its owner from a fatal blow, it loses its magic forever. The healing power to give cards is infinite, but the power to save a life drains all magic from the amulet.

Horn of Sleeping:

This is a common buffalo horn, used as a musical instrument. If played, a hero can attempt an Easy Reason action and, if successful, the horn will make everyone in Near missile area fall asleep unless each one tries an Average Perception action, resisted by the horn owner's Reason.

Shalin's Wand:

Shalin's Wand is a short staff, about 2 feet in length, counting the prism on top. It is held and used by Shalin Kinjarii, who arrived in Krynn by extremely strange circumstances. The wand has several spell built into it, such as Light (Spectramancy), Transport (Summoning), and Fireball (Pyromancy). The magic comes from Shalin's mother, Shalandra Kinjarii, the Sorceress of Time, who together with a mysterious man in black, made Shalin the wand when she was six years old. It is an extremely powerful artifact, and it is said that if anyone other than Shalin tries to make use of its power, the wand will self-destruct.

Hammer of Weaponcraft:

This powerful ancient dwarven item was lost in the ruins of Reorkun Outpost, until when the tunnels to the Outpost were opened by chance. Accordingly to the dwarven myth, Reorx himself crafted this Hammer as one of his most loyal clerics, a Hylar named Anghus Ironcraft, asked him for a way of crafting holy items without using the arcane spells.

It works in the following way: a priest of Reorx who masters the art of the weaponcraft should wield this hammer and, using pure metal, invoking chants and prayers, create a weapon, such as an axe, a sword, a hammer or any other weapon suited to dwarves. After finishing his work, the priest should give a piece of his own life force and the weapon would be blessed with magical power. Depending on the priest's sacrifice or his own faith, the power would be bigger or smaller.

During the Fifth Age, the Hammer works in a slightly different manner: no more chants or prayers are necessary, but the life sacrifice is still needed. The blacksmith (only dwarves can use the Hammer) who forges the weapon must sacrifice one Attribute point for each +2 magical bonus the weapon will receive. This item, as one of the few sources to create magical items, would be seized by the Great Dragons, the Knightly orders and other forces of both Good or Evil.

There is just one Hammer of Weaponcraft, and it lies now in the ownership of the Thanes in Thorbardin. It can't be used to forge Dragonlances.

Ring of Fear:

These rings were made by Black-robed Sorcerers during the fearful days before the First Cataclysm. It covers its user with a cold, frightful aura, similar to the monster ability with the same name, described in the Book One of the DLFA Boxed Set. To use this ring, the owner must make an Average Spirit (Presence), and the aura will be activated. Some of these rings are cursed, keeping its aura activated all the time, and being impossible to be removed by normal means.

Endless Candle:

These candles were created by sorcerers in the Library of the Ages in Palanthas during the Age of Might. They solved the light problems while they would fire forever, never fading, no matter how long they would stay lighted. Unfortunately, a thief stole most of the candles, and now they are found almost in all corners of Ansalon, some considered as rare artifacts, or other even forgotten in sage's shelves. The hero that attempts to light an Endless Candle must make an Average Reason test; otherwise it will not light. If the test is successful, the flame will be ended just when the one who lighted the Candle command so, and the Candle will never end, no mater for long it stays lighted.

The Staff of Raelana:

The Staff of Raelana is an artifact of the Age of Might. It is approximately five and one half feet tall, and made of stout mahogany. The magical energies are focused by a flawless blue diamond, which has been specially primed to hold a number of magical spells. The Time-Travel spell is the most powerful of the twelve spells permanenly encoded within the staff. The staff requires that it be wielded by a female of Neutral or Evil alignment only, for if one of purely Good alignment handles it, she will get a sub-lethal shock. Among the offensive spells (such as Fireball, Lightning, Call Hurricane), there is also a healing spell and a spell that calls music. The Staff of Raelana has a powerful curse laid upon it. If anyone steals the staff, their flesh shall rot off of their bones until they literally fall to pieces. The present owner of the Staff is the Lady Shalandra Lystax Kinjarii, the Sorceress of Time.

The Golden Staff of Dragonkind:

This staff is made of pure gold and is roughly six-feet in heighth and feels light to the touch. With a visage of a dragon's head carved into the top, it has no markings of wizards' runes or other arcane symbols. Every once in a while, the staff will dim or brighten as according to how strong its bearer's feelings are. If the bearer of the golden staff is in a heated arguement for example, the staff would begin to glow more and more bright as its owner's feelings become stronger. Of course, should depression fall upon the holder of the staff, this would dim it as according also. The sorceror using the staff may use either the suit of hearts or moons for this staff, such as it is magically gifted in both ways.

Abilities of the Staff:

Minor abilities:

  • Heal: Two charges per card healed, up to three cards a day
  • Aura Tell: Two charges, discern the aura of someone as far away as far missile range
  • Firebolt: One charge for every five points in damage, near missile range
  • Light: One charge, creates light in a 20' radius around the caster
  • Stun: Two charges, stuns a target for one minute, near missile range
  • Major abilities:

  • Ressurrect: Ten charges. This ability may revive the dead, but must be used within an hour of the death and the body must be present to work
  • Flame Barrier: Three charges, a magical dome of flame comes up around the user in a 5' radius, for 1 hour. Attackers that touch the barrier suffer 5 points of fire damage
  • Protection from Spells: Three charges, creates a barrier that causes spells under 13 points to fail automatically. This lasts for a half-hour
  • Call: Thirteen charges, this issues a summons to all golden dragons within a 111 mile radius
  • Phoenix fire: Twenty charges, brings one person back from the dead. The body is not required, but a scrap of clothing, lock of hair, something that the person owned in life is needed for the spell to bring the person back from death. Once alive however, the person is younger by two age categories. The Age Categories are infant, child, youth, young adult, adult, middle-aged adult and elder. The target may not become younger than infant and from the point that he/she is changed, they will age normally once again.
  • The Staff has 25 charges, and it regains a charge per hour that it is exposed to sunlight to a maximum of eight charges per day.

    The Golden Staff of Dragonkind, it has never been seen except in one of the old book of magical items that I keep with myself at the Tower. As it is, I am attempting to complete the catalogue, Krynn's Magical Items. Such as it was, I found an entry for the staff in one of the record books and am now wondering as to where it may be upon the continent. The records have nothing to say as to who created the Staff, neither do they say when. I have wondered as to if the those golden wyrms that stay upon the Dragons Isles wouldn't happen to know the location of such a prized item, or if they may have it themselves.

    This report written above is strictly from the tome that I found the description of the Golden Staff in. As it is, the night wears on and I must be off to other things to research and record, hopefully if anyone chances to gain anymore information upon the whereabouts, it would be a great assistance to pass that information along to the Tower.

    Jaclyn Cashell, Head Librarian of the Tower of Wayreth
    Written on the 10th day of Chislmont, in the 34th year after the Second Cataclysm


    This is a unique and powerful weapon. It is a Great sword + 8, but when used against Dragons its bonus is + 10. No hero has found this sword, but legends about its existence started to appear shortly after the arrival of the Great Dragon Overlords. Stahn Bryler and his party are searching for this mighty weapon.

    Eukar's Spiked Club:

    Eukar was a brave centaur who fought during the Chaos War. He died while defending his tribe from a Fire Dragon, but his legacy and honor are still celebrated by the centaurs in Duntollik. One of the legends about Eukar states that his weapon was blessed by Chislev, the goddess of Nature, and it had amazing powers. Ths spiked club works as Cudgel +6, and the weapon is said to be able to restore 2 cards to its owner's Hand once per day. The club can also command animals and plants as if its owner had Animism and 36 magic points. To command animals or plants, the owner must make a Spirit test as a common animism mystic spell.

    Axe of Vengeance:

    The Axe of Vengeance must be worn by a minotaur or someone whose Strength is higher than 8. It is considered a secred artifact to the followers of Sargas, and the Church is currently searching for it so it can establish itself as the supreme power in Mithas and Kothas. As a magical item, this is a Great Axe + 8. It has no other powers, but it is said that, during the Fourth Age, Sargas himself would bestow powers and glories to the owner of this axe.

    Cup of Zeboim:

    During the Age of Might the sea was the main trading way between Istar and the lands of Ansalon. Therefore, sailores had to pay homage to the goddess of the oceans, Zeboim, daughter of the Queen of Darkness. The Cups of Zeboim, once present in every ship in Ansalon, has become a rare artifact after the Cataclysm, and now only a handful still exists. A man should fill the cup with a man's heart blood and throw it to the Ocean in homage to Zeboim, and the goddess would grant the ship a good and safe voyage. Anyhow, the power of the Cups is still working in the Age of Mortals, and some ships crossing the Blood Sea still buy slaves or kill a passenger to offer his blood to the Sea Queen. The Cup has only the power above, not showing any other magical abilities.

    Gauntlets of Corij:

    This holy artifact crafted by the god Kiri-Jolith himself was considered lost when the city of Istar was dragged to the depths of the ocean during the Cataclysm, but when Chaos soothed the maelstrom in the Blood Sea of Istar, it was thrown in the lands of Mithas. This artifact increases the Strength of its user by 10 points, and it is an item of legend. Only people with a Strength code of A can use this item.

    Wood Sword:

    Some Kagonesti legends say that, during the Kinslayer Wars, there was a Windrunner who fought against the Silvanesti armies for 4 weeks without sleeping. This man, a very skilled ranger, ended up dying not by the enemy's sword, but because of his fatigue. The trees themselves wept for the brave elf, and they turned his body into a powerful wood sword. This weapon is said to appear to worthy warriors who lose their way in the Qualinesti woods and need help. The sword is a scimitar + 6 made of strong pine wood. It smells like wildflowers and irradiates an aura of magic. The user of the Wood Sword can always find out the geographical directions in a forest, as well as gaining the ability to cast Animism spells as a Mystic. Consider that the sword has 64 magic points to be used in Animism spells. If the user knows how to use Animism, the sword gives a bonus of +4 in all Animism spells.

    Staff of Solinari:

    The Staff of Solinari is one of the most powerful magical artifacts of the Order of White Robes, and it is considered lost in the Age of Mortals. It can only be used by sorcerers with a White-aura card in their Nature. It gives a bonus of +2 to the user's Reason while being held by its master, as well as 25 extra magic points that must be recovered in the normal ratio (1 point/hour). The Staff also helps in the casting of some spells: all cards played for Enchantment, Divination and Spectramancy spells are considered trump while using the staff. If the staff is left with no spell points, its powers are destroyed and it becomes a decorated wooden staff only.


    Magical Items and Artifacts

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